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Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.


Charming and fun. Resolution scaling like 2x, 3x, 4x, would be cool because the window is tiny, but fullscreen is so pixelated it can be hard for your eyes to see the sprites instead of giant square pixels if that makes sense. Good selectable music and a balanced sense of progression that grows with your skill and does not feel grindy. :)

This is cute! Fun sparkly colors and always stuff to do.

I love the game its fun and very difficult the music is all so good. I think there may be a bug with the turtle relic, every time I get it in a chest I don't actually have it in my relic slot. i would strongly recommend the game tho very fun

wow! what a smart and clean game! Very funny :) perfect!

OMG I want this soo bad now! Um I will see what I can do.

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it's a really nice little roguelike/lite shoot em up! pretty graphics and nice chill music.

Edit: having played a couple of rounds now, I can say it is pretty solid! I seem to have run into a bug of sorts, having obtained a turtle relic twice after losing a run due to achievement, I can't seem to find it and when I select relics on my next run I have none. Also, would recommend adding a exit game button at start screen for PC.
Generally, though, recommended, good value, cute little solid game! 


This lovingly created underwater flight simulator could use a fullscreen option!

Fun game, cute dolphin and sea creatures! Not a hard shmup, which is fine by me (I suck at shmup games). The graphics are super cute, gameplay is solid and not punishing, and the soundtrack is super chill! There are also achievements and upgrades that carry over to your next playthrough.


Fun game, cute sea creature battles with background music that's way better than I expected. I'll be following you guys from now on.


I LOVE this! I am a gigantic shmup nerd and this has great graphics, great sound, and great gameplay! It comes across as simple but there's a surprising amount of power ups and unlocks and other mechanics to enjoy!


Looks neat!


Looks promising! Love the aesthetics... keep up the great work!


Looks great so far. Day 1 download from me